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Thamarai Fertility CenterA Unit of Thamarai Medical Foundation

A Baby for Every CoupleISO 9001: 2000 Certified

Welcome to Thamarai Fertility Center

The Fertility Center, a unit of Thamarai Fertility Associates, India, at KMCH, has been a resource for the past two decades, for hundreds of couples, hoping to have a baby. Our medical professionals are internationally recognized for their experience in all areas of reproductive medicine.

Our mission statement 'A baby for every couple' is a reality achieved by the hard work of dedicated and experienced team, in a state of the art facility of both assisted reproductive technology and a genetic lab under one roof. Ethics, care, compassion and science work in tandem in the sphere of Thamarai Fertility Associates to help couples to achieve a pregnancy. Research, privately funded, is a natural corollary helping to fine tune the goal of successful ART. The high success rates,audited by the ISO and NABH, have been on par with international standards over the past three decades.

Thamarai Fertility Center, is a part of the SIMFFER foundation, whose other constituent entities are Thamarai Health Care, Siva Meds, Siva Labs and Siva Diagnostics.

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We were diagnosed with low sperm count after one year of trying for a baby. The sperms all were seen to have round heads. We had regular ICSI which was unsuccessful Dr. Kannaki counselled us after Y chromosome testing. ICSI was done after special treatment of my husbands sperms with calcium.
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We are focused on delivering quality services that ensure maximum chances of success for patients in in-vitro fertilization..
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