Ovarian stimulation For IUI

Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian Stimulation

Ovarian stimulation is aimed at the growth of one follicle. Letrozole tablets may be used alone or with HMG or FSH injections. Adding injections increases the chance of pregnancy. if IUI is combined with superovulation, the chances increase to about 15%.


Letrozole tablets alone or with gonadotropin injections are used. Monitoring with ultrasound is a must. 2-3 visits may be needed.

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The procedure is scheduled when the lead follicle is 17mm. Trigger for ovulation is given and the procedure is scheduled in the next 2days. Abstinence of 2 days is a must.
The sample is processed and inseminated immediately. The couple can return home in 2-4 hours. The procedure is painless and no rest is needed.

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