PGD is performed  to screen for inherited diseases.

PGD is performed at some centers to screen for inherited diseases. In PGD, one or two cells are removed from the developing embryo and tested for a specific genetic disease. Embryos that do not have the gene associated with the disease are selected for transfer to the uterus.

The team consists of eminent reproductive medicine consultants, endoscopists, andrologists, radiologists, obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists, anesthetists. These procedures require specialized equipment and experience together with IVF (in a couple who may otherwise not need IVF to conceive). Some couples, especially those who are carriers of genetic diseases, consider embryo screening beneficial in reducing the risk of having an affected child. While PGD can reduce the likelihood of conceiving a pregnancy with an affected child, it cannot eliminate the risk. Confirmation with chorionic villus sampling (CVS), amniocentesis or other testing is still necessary.

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