Special Clinics

Reproductive medicine specialists with 25 years of experience.


Young girls with problems of adolescence like abnormal uterine bleeding need special care and consulting. Adequate preventive care through vaccinations and anemia/obesity corrections during adolescence goes a long way in ensuring healthy womanhood in the future.


Cancer screening, bone health, and general health survey is an essential part of care for a woman during the perimenopause and menopause. A comprehensive approach with tests, Psychological Counseling, yoga, and meditation integrated holistically ensure healthy menopause in women


Screening for general medical disorders, presence of pre-cancerous conditions, bone health gynecology checks and obesity are to be assessed by the clinician and nutritionist to over appropriate treatments either by meal plan and exercise or medical supplements and surgery if need be to ensure the good health.


Psychological Counseling offered by certified and experienced counselors with Yoga and Meditation integrated into the program for all the groups, from adolescence to postmenopausal age groups is key to stay motivated and ensure good mental health. Marital & Subfertility counseling are available on request.

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