Semen Analysis


Semen analysis is the first and foremost investigation for the male partner after history and clinical examination. The objective is an estimation of the count, motility, and morphology (shape) of the sperm as well as the seminal fluid analysis.

Repetition of the test after a period of 2 weeks at least is mandatory if an abnormality is found.

Computerized semen analysis CASA is done at the center to get an accurate estimate of semen parameters which help in deciding type of treatment.


  • 4 days of abstinence is needed. Keep yourself stress-free on the day of collection
  • Serology reports ( Blood tests – HIV AB, HBsAg, HCV AB & Bl VDRL) must be ready before the test
  • Call 97507 24788 for an appointment
  • If there are collection problems, contact andrology lab staff.
  • Collect the container from lab staff and ask for instructions
  • The reports will be ready in a week and please counsel with the doctor regarding results
  • Please contact the doctor in case there are specific problems


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